Experience Bollini

The story of Bollini began in 1979, when Neil and Maria Empson – who pioneered Italy’s quality wine exports a decade earlier – created their own label from the Alpine foothills of Friuli and Trentino. Their purpose was to showcase the excellence and consistency of noble international varieties in the cool northeastern regions of Italy, while maintaining accessible price points.



We began to explore Trentino as a means of expanding our portfolio: having tasted various wines in the Milan office we were seduced by taking a trip upnorth to see where all the exceptionally exquisite wine was coming from. As we had hoped, we were not disappointed! Trentino Alto Adige is situated in the southern slope of the Alps, directly in contact with the Po valley and Veneto. The province’s territory is almost entirely mountainous but however in no way a uniform landscape; infact it takes on a complex assortment of shapes and climactic conditions within relatively small distances.

Our Selection

Pinot Grigio

Bollini Pinot Grigio is styled to show intense varietal aromas with a fragrant bouquet and elegant, fruity and floral flavors. SUITABLE FOR VEGANS.

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Bollini Sauvignon has an intense bouquet of Trentino fruits, like apple and pear with a delicate hint of grapefruit and lemongrass. SUITABLE FOR VEGANS.

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Bollini Chardonnay has an intense bouquet of fresh fruit with delicate notes of vanilla and honey given by the fermentation in barrique. SUITABLE FOR VEGANS.

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Bollini Merlot is silky, with fragrant flavors of wild berries finely integrated with spices, given by 12 months ageing in oak barrel. SUITABLE FOR VEGANS.

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Pinot Grigio Rosato

A special rosè, made with 100% Pinot Grigio grapes that have a natural coppery color. Floral and silky with delicate notes of grapefruit. SUITABLE FOR VEGANS.

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